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A solution customized to your needs

HRSG’s competency-based management (CBM) solutions give you the freedom to customize the engagement to fit any need or goal. Whether you’re rolling out a competency-based framework for the first time, or you need to fine-tune your existing talent-management systems, we can help.

Our team of professionals can enhance your in-house expertise with advisory services, develop custom competencies, and implement competency-based programs to support the entire talent management lifecycle. Our approach combines global best practices, flexible tools, and world-leading competencies to fast-track new initiatives, refresh legacy HR practices, and overcome organizational roadblocks – all in the name of helping you see measurable results sooner.

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How we can help you:

Project Planning & Advisory Services

Our competency experts will work with you to identify your organizational objectives for using competencies and develop a plan to meet your goals. We will recommend the best types of competencies to implement, and design a plan for developing competency profiles for the roles or jobs in your organization.

Ask about our one-on-one or team coaching to increase your ability to confidently implement a competency-based initiative. Coaching engagements are tailored to your individual requirements and designed to accelerate knowledge transfer, moving your project forward swiftly and according to best practices.

Complete Competency Framework Development

Looking for a turn-key solution? Our CBM experts can develop a complete competency system designed specifically to support your organizational goals and objectives. The framework would consist of the system goals, the competency architecture, the competencies and competency profiles, the overall plan for the competency-based initiative, and the standards and process for determining whether the initiative has been successful.

Technical Competency & Competency Profile Development

Do you need specific competencies to articulate the behaviors your employees must demonstrate for a competitive advantage? Our team of experts will develop specific technical competencies across any industry or vertical and turn them into competency profiles that truly define success for your organization. Leverage our extensive network of subject matter experts, or provide your own to reflect the specific nuances of your business. 

Competency-based Talent Management Program Development

Once the foundational framework is in place, our team will design competency-based programs to enhance current processes or replace underperforming systems across the talent lifecycle, from recruitment and onboarding, to assessment and development, to succession and workforce planning. Walk away from these engagement with easy-to-use tools and strategies designed to fit your industry and address your challenges.

Competency Audit Services

Not seeing the results you expected from your competencies? A competency audit can help you identify the underperforming elements of your competency-based talent management tools and processes. Our competency consultants examine your organizational objectives, analyze your framework, and look at the ways your competencies are leveraged across the talent lifecycle. At the end of the engagement, we provide you with a set of quick-win recommendations as well as a robust roadmap for aligning your HR processes more closely with the organization’s strategic direction.

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Questions? Talk to a Competency Expert.