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Accelerate competency-
based management in
your organization

With our comprehensive, ready-to-use dictionary of competencies, it’s faster and easier to implement a competency-based talent-management framework in your organization.

Download the complete list of 550+ industry-verified general and technical competencies for engineering, sales & marketing, banking & finance, IT, oil & gas, HR, project management, and many more.

Competencies are ideal for:

  • Dispersed/distributed workforces
  • Technical and highly skilled sectors
  • Highly regulated industries
  • Nonprofits and government bodies
  • Organizations undergoing a merger or acquisition
  • Organizations seeking to support a new strategic direction

competency-list-thumbSee the complete list

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  • A list of leadership competencies
  • A list of general competencies
  • A list of technical competencies
  • A competency tip sheet and overview
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