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Competency-based Management Certificate Program

Muscat, Oman | 26-30 April 2015

HRSG will be delivering a competency-based management program focused on workable competency-based solutions, giving you the skills to design high-impact strategies and implement a competency-based program for your organization. At the end of these 5 days participants will be recognized as a certified competency-based management practitioner.

This training event is being hosted by Ajyal HR Solutions & Services LLC, located in Oman.

Please contact Ajyal HR Solutions for full details on pricing and registration at, +968 24485925.

This internationally recognized training program focuses on workable competency-based solutions, giving you the skills to design high-impact strategies and implement a competency-based program for your organization. The 5-day workshop series utilizes a blend of best practices, case studies, role-plays, techniques, models and the latest research. These tools will help you understand the concepts and practices you can use to address current challenges in attracting, retaining and developing talent. The program incorporates progressively challenging topics and becomes increasingly advanced towards completion.

  1. Orientation to Competency-based Management
  2. Competency Profiling / Modelling
  3. Learning and Assessment
  4. Recruitment and Selection
  5. Performance Management
Day 1 - Orientation to Competency-based Management
This workshop is designed for Executives, HR Professionals, and Leaders looking to implement behavioral change in line with the organization’s strategic vision and goals. It provides an orientation to competency-based management, and how this approach facilitates higher levels of productivity contributing to improved bottom-line results.

By the end of this workshop, you will:

  • Know what competencies are.
  • Learn the benefits of competencies and why they are important to organizational success.
  • Learn the best practices in competency-based management (CBM) and how competencies can be used to support talent management.
  • Understand the scope and resources needed to introduce CBM.
  • Be able to make an informed decision about how to implement or enhance an integrated CBM approach in your organization.
Day 2 - Competency Profiling and Modeling
This workshop gives Human Resources Leaders, Executives Talent Managers and Professionals the skills to develop competency profiles. It takes participants through the steps required to develop and validate competencies and profiles, as well as define the competency architecture or framework that is best suited for their organizations. This training program has a particular focus on developing the practical skills needed to lead and facilitate competency development initiatives.

Learning Objectives

  • Define a competency architecture for your organization.
  • Understand how to develop a competency framework linked to business goals.
  • Select and use well-researched and tested competency profiling methods, using an existing competency dictionary.
  • Know how to involve key stakeholders in competency development.
Day 3 - Learning and Assessment
This workshop is designed for HR Leaders, Talent Managers, Learning and Development Professionals and other Professionals charged with developing and implementing assessment and learning programs that are competency-based.

By the end of this workshop, you will be able to:

  • Understand the competency-based learning cycle including its benefits to your organization, and how it is different from more traditional learning models.
  • Learn how to use competencies to conduct results based assessments for the purpose identifying of learning needs and gap analysis.
  • Use competencies to build Individual Development Plans.
  • Know how to assess the value of learning in your organization by leveraging results based competency assessment methods.
Day 4 - Recruitment & Selection
This workshop is designed for HR and Recruitment professionals charged with designing and implementing a competency-based approach for recruiting, assessing and selecting candidates based on a competency framework / standards.

By the end of this workshop, you will be able to:

  • Learn about competency-based recruitment and selection.
  • Understand the competency-based selection tools for conducting interviews, assessments and reference checks.
  • Assess the value of your competency-based recruitment and selection model (i.e., getting the right people for the right job).
  • Build skills in competency-based interviewing.
Day 5 - Performance Management
This workshop introduces to Managers and HR Professionals the concepts of competency-based performance management and instructs participants on how to conduct performance management with their subordinates according to a best practice model.

By the end of this workshop, you will be able to:

  • Understand how competencies can complement and enhance the performance management process.
  • Determine the goals of performance management for your organization.
  • Learn how to integrate competencies into performance management.
  • Know how to leverage competency-based performance assessments to determine gaps in organizational capabilities.
Target Audience
This five-day program is geared towards:

  • Chief executive officers committed to implementing the best practices of their professions, in an initiative that promotes excellence throughout an organization.
  • Senior executives who want to unleash the people potential in their organizations.
  • Human Resource Directors, Human Resource Managers, Human Resource Management Consultants, and Human Resource officers/professionals who provide guidance to senior management in organizations.
  • Architects of human resource solutions seeking to transform organizations into admired centers of excellence.
  • Aspiring human resource professionals who would like to acquire training in competency profiling so as to better position them in the highly competitive human resource market.
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