A proven way to improve organizational performance.

Over the past three decades, competencies have evolved from a little-known approach to an HR best practice. Today, they are used by the majority of Fortune 500 companies and a growing number of small- to mid-sized businesses that need a better way to find, keep, and develop talent.

In simple terms, competencies identify the observable behaviors of top performers—not just WHAT employees do, but HOW they do it. When you identify the competencies required for a specific role, you have a blueprint for success that anyone can see and understand.

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An end-to-end talent solution

Competencies can be used to improve every stage in the talent life cycle, including recruitment and selection, assessment and evaluation, performance management, and career planning and development.

  • Make better hiring decisions
  • Help employees plan their career development
  • Support top performers to reach the next level
  • Address talent gaps in your organization
  • Align employee goals with organizational goals


Get more detail and depth than typical job profiles or descriptions provide.


Use visible, observable behaviors to identify on-the-job success


Hire, evaluate and promote employees based on job-related criteria only.


Competency-based companies enjoy better performance and profitability.

More effective management

HRSG competencies can be applied across the complete talent-management lifecycle—including recruitment, development, and retention.

Each HRSG competency is based on multiple levels of proficiency that define the progressive complexity, independence, risk, and responsibility required for different jobs. Because they’re more detailed, precise, and continuous than single-level competencies, they enable managers and HR professionals to evaluate both individual and cross-organizational talent potential more effectively.

Personal and organizational excellence

While competencies bring more consistency, clarity, and rigor to the talent-management process, our clients tell us the greatest value lies in their ability to inspire individuals and organizations to achieve more.

Competency-based talent management supports a culture of excellence across the organization by clearly defining the requirements for personal and organizational success.

Every successful competency initiative is built on quality competency content. Find out what makes HRSG’s competency content unique.

Why use competencies?

Read this info sheet to learn six reasons competencies can transform your organization.

Implementing Competencies

A best practice guide to implementing competency-based talent management.

Competency dictionaries

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competencies for finance,
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