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Unlock the full potential of Competency-based Management with advanced certification from the world's foremost experts in Canada.

Our Advanced Competency-Based Management certification program gives you the real-world strategy and hands-on tactics you need to master competency-based management, and implement next-level programs for your organization. Learn how to build competency profiles, future-proof your HR content, develop roadmaps, and manage rapid change with battle-tested, advanced competency-based management techniques.

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Course Dates
November 16, 18, 23, 2020

Specialist Certification
Advanced Competency-Based Management 

Course Length
3 sessions / 8 hours of learning time + assignments 

Enroll by
October 30th, 2020

Course Capacity
10 seats

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Competency Architecture


Learn how to build a customized competency architecture that provides a consistent framework for your organization. Discover the proven techniques used by the experts to build the optimal level of competency details for each of your organization's job families. 



Advanced Competency Identification  

Get an in-depth, advanced understanding of identifying the key competencies that will define success. Understand the tools & methods to accelerate analysis and consultation. And learn how to develop and refine measurable competencies that capture the most important behaviors for your organization.


Advanced Competency-based Assessments

Develop your knowledge of the most advanced techniques for leveraging competency-based assessments throughout your talent management process. Learn how to design interview questions, utilize key strategies to identify skill deficiencies, and reliably assess technical and behavioral competencies.


Project Planning and Management 


Learn our tried-and true best practices for planing and managing a successful competency project; allocating vital resources; and getting all-important buy-in from organizational champions. Explore the key methods of measuring project success, and the crucial activities to help you structure a successful initiative.

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Who should enroll?

The Advanced CBM Certification Program is designed for:

  • HR Directors
  • HR Managers
  • L&D Managers
  • HR Executives and Leaders
  • HR Consultants
  • Talent Managers
  • Organizational Designers
  • Project Managers




The research says it all.

Competency Based Management has resulted in:


reduction in turnover due to increased employee satisfaction.


greater likelihood of increased revenue.


improvement in employee performance.

What people like you are saying about our certification programs:


Thamer Al Quadaimi

Executive Manager of Learning and Talent Development at ELM

One of the best things to come out of this competency project was that we now have a common language to talk about performance, development, etc. When we have discussions between departments they go a lot more smoothly and we achieve more because we're all on the same page as to what constitutes success."


Lama Jamalaldin

Managing Partner, Meras HR Consulting - Kuwait

"This course was very well structured and easy to follow. I got a good understanding of what Competency Based Management is, the benefits of implementing it and how it can be utilized in various areas. The instructors were very clear and engaging. The organizers did an excellent job of support. I would recommend this course for both HR and non HR personnel.”


Marge Pfleiderer

Director of Operations at Lebanese American University, New York

"The Competency Certification Course offered by HRSG was amazing! All of the instructors managed to combine an impressive depth and breadth of knowledge with the ability to really communicate. A rare combination these days! If you want to learn competency-based management – this is the place to start!"


JoAnne Marlow

Owner & Professional Trainer at Systems for Engaging Teams

 By utilizing Competency-based management tools in a business, the benefits to recruit and retain the right people are significant. The Competency-based Management certification course provides an excellent overall understanding of the system and how it can be applied by HR managers, leaders, and consultants. It left me eager to deep-dive into some of the components of Competency-based management that would help my clients.


Your course package includes:


  • 8 hours of training from the world's top competency experts
  • Live Q&A with our experts during course sessions
  • 8 Professional Development Credits (PDC) for SHRM-CP®
  • Exclusive preferred pricing on HRSG solution packages


  • A specialist certificate issued from the Institute of HR Management, Inc. Canada
  • Access to HRSG's advanced CBM manual (over $400 in value)  
  • Recordings of all sessions & exclusive learning resources delivered to your inbox within 24 hours of each session

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USD $3,590 

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About HRSG/Institute of Human Resources Management Inc.


HRSG is an award-winning Competency-based HR solutions and technology company based in Ottawa, Ontario – Canada. For 30 years, HRSG has worked with a range of industries to define talent needs, address skill deficiencies, and improve individual and organizational performance.

Clients include global corporations and small or midsized organizations operating in sectors such as logistics, accounting, technology, banking, HR, manufacturing, sales and marketing, and many more.

Together, our team of senior consultants, industrial-organizational psychologists, and subject-matter experts develop and deploy competency content, technology, and strategy to address some the most complex challenges in today’s people and talent management environment.

Let us answer your questions:

HRSG's advanced CBM training will be delivered in 3 sessions on November 16th, 18th, and 23rd. Each session will have different topics with expert led action plans and assignments.

Total course time: 8 hours.

Our experts will deliver this course live through Go To Meeting or Zoom.

HRSG’s Competency-based Management Programs are internationally recognized and have been delivered to hundreds of professionals globally.

Upon completion, you will be an accredited Advanced Competency-based Management Professional and a specialist certificate will be issued to you.

This program is also industry accredited and has been pre-approved and is valid for 8 Professional Development Credits (PDC) for SHRM-CP® or SHRM-SCP®recertification.

This certificate is designed for HR professionals, leaders and executives, but anyone can register. The prerequisites you need to have for this course is an interest in developing your HR career and understanding the concepts and practices HR professionals use to address current challenges in attracting, retaining and developing talent.

It is highly recommended that you enroll to HRSG's online standard CBM certification to build your foundation or have at least 3-5 years of strategic HR experience  before enrolling to the Advanced Specialist CBM Certification training program.

This specialist certification in advanced Competency-based Management program moves you from theory to real world application, building skills and knowledge in competency-based management. This program utilizes a blend of best practices, case studies, practice exercises, techniques, models and the latest research. These tools will help you understand the concepts and practices you can use to address current challenges in attracting, retaining and developing talent.

This course will cover 4 areas within Competency-based Management

1. Competency Architecture 

2. Advanced Competency Identification 

3. Project Planning and Management 

4. Competency-based Assessments

By registering to this CBM course, you agree to our refund policy below: 

You will receive a full refund (minus 3% admin fee) if you choose to cancel your registration anytime before October 30th, 2020.

No refunds will be issued after October 30th, 2020 for cancellations.

Please note: HRSG reserves the right to cancel this program for any reason at anytime. If the program is cancelled by HRSG, you will be refunded in full.


Please contact HRSG's Online Training Advisor: Oudai Altabbaa

E: oaltabbaa@hrsg.ca or call 1-866-574-7041 ext. 265.

Master competency-based management.


Learn from the company that put "CBM" on the map.
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