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Career management software that makes an immediate impact.

Improving employee engagement is the fastest way to reduce turnover. CompetencyCore's suite of career management software tools improve the employee experience by showing them that the best place for them to grow their careers is within your organization. With assessment, development, and career path navigation tools from HRSG, your best talent becomes your most loyal talent.

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Turn your best talent into your most loyal talent.


Perform competency-based assessments. Build development plans.

Link competencies with the jobs in your organization using CompetencyCore so that there are defined behaviors and skills attached to every job. Use the software to assess strengths and gaps, then use included access to targeted learning resources to build development plans. Learn more about our competency assessment software.


Don't just tell employees what their future may hold. Show them.

Career Path Navigation provides your employees with a visual overview of advancement possibilities in your organization. Empower your employees to select career paths and determine the steps they need to take to reach their dream job. Learn more about our career pathing software.


Engage your employees like never before.

CompetencyCore is the easiest way to map your world of work and set the foundation for better talent management:

  • Accurately define job requirements with 500+ jobs and competencies
  • Perform competency-based assessments
  • Build individual development plans
  • Allow employees to select their paths to grow within your organization with Career Path Navigation software.

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At HRSG, we've distilled 30 years of expertise into the leading job description and competency management software product available.

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