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Expertly developed multi-level competencies for your business.

Whether you're looking for core competencies to capture your organization’s vision, values and competitive advantage, or technical competencies to drill into the specific requirements for a targeted job function, we have you covered. And if we don’t have it in our off-the-shelf competency dictionary, we can develop it for you!

Our competency experts work closely with your subject-matter experts to make sure we capture the specific nuances of your business and translate those into actionable behaviors, and serve as the foundation for your recruitment, development and performance management programs.

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Rely on our experts for the competencies to help your company soar.

competency development

Competencies that help your company soar to the next level.

How you can benefit from competency development:

Recent research conducted by the Brandon Hall Group has shown that organizations who invest in developing technical competencies are 115% more likely to rate their top competency objectives as effective. Although it can be more difficult and time consuming, the rewards waiting to be reaped are significant!

HRSG is known for our extensive range of behavioral and technical competencies, but every organization has some unique jobs. Take advantage of our leading competency experts to do the work for you and capture those key behaviors that will truly drive success for your business.

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Multi-level competencies: Building a foundation for strategic success
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