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Competencies are the proven approach to streamlining the talent management process and improving organizational performance. Organizations all over the world rely on HRSG’s competencies to help them see measurable results sooner.

Use our off the shelf competency job profiles, or build your own custom profiles to drill down to the key technical skills required for specific roles and positions in your organization. View our competency lists by clicking the button below.

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Why use competencies?

Leaders of high-performing teams use competencies because they go beyond the basic requirements of a job to identify the behaviors that top performers demonstrate. Instead of focusing on what a person typically does on the job, competencies describe how a highly effective worker will achieve success.

This enables HR professionals and managers to rely on objective criteria and measurable results rather than intuition and conjecture when evaluating and measuring performance. It also gives the whole workplace—HR, managers, employees, and executives—a shared language for discussing and understanding workplace requirements and performance. Check out our competency lists by clicking the button below.

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