Enhanced Machine Learning Job Descriptions

End the administrative nightmare! Get high quality job descriptions at a fraction of the cost. Our Enhanced Machine Learning analyzes 30,000,000+ data points to create best of breed job descriptions so that you don’t have to. View the jobs.

Expert-Developed Competencies

Increase employee satisfaction and productivity by clearly communicating job expectations and focusing on the behaviors that will result in success. All of our Job Descriptions are enhanced with complete competency profiles so you can start using competencies today. View competencies info.

The Purpose-Built Software Platform

CompetencyCore is the easiest way to map your world of work and set the foundation for better talent management:
  • Define job requirements with 500+ jobs and competencies
  • Standardize your job descriptions
  • Manage and organize your jobs
  • Create interview guides
  • Enhance processes with a competency-driven approach