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Fully customize your competency-based talent management solutions.

Implement best-in-class talent management programs based on the leading competency-based approach. Leverage competencies to gain a competitive edge in your business, and succeed in becoming a cutting-edge enterprise. Our solutions are fully customizable, and can be tailored to meet your organization’s specific needs, whether it’s communicating job expectations, hiring the right people, and more!

HRSG’s team of experts capture the essence of your company’s vision and values, and communicate that to employees through custom behavioral and technical competencies. Implement ground-breaking career planning programs that give employees the tools they need to understand their options for career development.

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Capture the key competencies required by your employees to help you make better talent decisions, communicate job expectations, and develop more engaged employees.


Incorporate objective assessment tools into your talent management programs, including tests for pre-screening or compliance, 360 feedback tools, and more.


Give employees the tools to understand how their skills match other jobs in the organization and identify development opportunities to reach their next career goals.


Engage and retain top talent that will drive innovation and ensure your organization maintains its competitive advantage in your market.

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