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Ensure a high level of professional competence

Developing a licensing or certification program requires psychometric experts who follow well-defined standards for exam development, ensuring that the professionals who are granted a license or certification meet the competence required for that profession.

HRSG’s licensing and certification exams are benchmarked against professional competency models, ensuring the content is accurately assessing professional requirements. And we don’t stop at exam development. From managing program requirements to the development of continuing education programs and tools, our team of psychometric experts has unrivalled knowledge and experience to help you launch and market your program.

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Supporting the development, delivery and maintenance of your programs.

Licensure & Certifications

Supporting the development, delivery and maintenance of your programs.

How our licensure and certification programs help your organization:

Our team of psychometric experts have extensive experience working with clients who need to establish regulatory standards or develop a certification program. We support development, delivery and maintenance of the entire program, to ensure that the certification and licensure programs we develop are valid, reliable, defensible and fair. 

HRSG offers a wide range of question types that address a variety of professional competencies. Delivery mechanisms include online and pencil and paper, and provide a variety of administration options focused on ensuring a high level of security and cheating prevention. And our large library of validated professional competencies provide a head start towards developing a licensing or certification program. Get started by contacting one of our experts below.

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