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Defensible Hiring Done Right

For organizations with ongoing, defensible hiring requirements, pre-employment testing is a critical piece of talent management. It’s also a part of selection and HR that can eat up a lot of time and resources. Complicating things further, many organizations today have a variety of uses for pre-employment testing, often specific to their own needs. What if there was a way to address all of these needs quickly and easily?

HRSG’s custom-built employment tests give you the ability to assess a large number of candidates in an objective and unbiased way, making your hiring process more efficient, objective and effective. We work with industry experts, and closely with your team, to develop valid and defensible tests to your specification. Our scalable solutions offer a true end-to-end service, helping you easily manage each part of the employment testing process.

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Testing Module

Our Pre-Employment Testing Advantage:

pre-employment testing

Our Pre-Employment Testing Advantage:

Expertise and Knowledge that Checks all the Boxes.

With years of expertise to draw on, HRSG’s team of employment testing experts can guide you in every aspect of designing and implementing your test program, from test development to administration. 

Using past experience, industry expertise, and the unique considerations of your organization, HRSG will also help you select the best types of questions and test delivery mechanisms.

By combining the ability to build valid and defensible employment tests, with the technical capabilities to allow test results to be rolled into other initiatives, HRSG stands alone in providing the comprehensive employment testing services you can rely on.

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Technology can help provide more innovative, realistic and engaging tests for prospective employees. Learn 3 of the biggest trends in testing, and how you can apply them to your organization.