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Welcome to the future of talent management.

We help organizations of every size to leverage world-leading competency expertise, content, and technology and build best-in-class strategic HR systems. Our innovative solutions are customized to each client’s unique organizational realities and goals.

Whether you are tackling your first competency-based initiative or building on an existing framework, we help you align with global best practices and maximize the potential of your people.


Key Solutions Offerings

Competency Mapping

Identify the competencies that define your organizational DNA and set a path for a successful future.


Assess your people and build custom development programs using industry-validated competencies.

Testing & Assessment

Create efficient, objective, defensible hiring and assessment processes using competencies.

Workforce Planning

Leverage competencies to identify today's workforce gaps and strengthen tomorrow's talent pipeline.

Training & Certification

Achieve globally recognized skills in competency-based talent management through HRSG's online training programs.

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