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A solution customized to your needs

HRSG’s competency-based management (CBM) solutions give you the freedom to customize the engagement to fit any need or goal. Whether you’re rolling out a competency-based framework for the first time, or you need to fine-tune your existing talent-management systems, we can help.

Our team of professionals can enhance your in-house expertise with advisory services, develop custom competencies, and implement competency-based programs to support the entire talent management lifecycle. Our approach combines global best practices, flexible tools, and world-leading competencies to fast-track new initiatives, refresh legacy HR practices, and overcome organizational roadblocks – all in the name of helping you see measurable results sooner.

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Projects that start with a solid plan are always more successful. A framework serves as your competency system, including its goals, the competency architecture, and the overall strategy. Work with our team to set your initiative up for success.

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Selecting and developing competencies that fit the unique needs of your business is essential. But it’s not easy to do on your own. Our team of specialists can help capture the key behaviors and skills that will drive true success for your business.

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If you’ve got a framework in place, and have selected the right competencies for your business, it’s time to implement your program. HRSG has the tools, resources and internal expertise to maximize the impact and implement competencies effectively.

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