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There's no guessing in sales.   

Get detailed reports on the core traits that make your sales team stand out, and tackle the competency gaps that are slowing them down. 

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Over 1.2 million employees impacted by HRSG's solutions worldwide


Turn mediocre performers into good ones. Turn good ones into great ones.
That's how competenices make an impact.

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Reports to illustrate the way forward.
We make it simple for you.

1. Discover

Pinpoint the winning competencies of your unique sales team down to every trait & skill - the DNA Sales Profile.

2. Measure

See the skill gaps that need attention with detailed assessment reports for each person on your sales team.

3. Develop

Access targeted individual development plans your team needs to win more deals.

Clear expectations. Clear understandings.
Clearly superior. 

Competencies make all the difference. Easily map them to all sales roles in your organization, so you can see who truly measures up.

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You're one assessment report away from building better sales performers.

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Sales DNA Accelerator Package

Get the globally recognized HRSG multi-level sales competencies, industrial organizational psychologists, and tools working for you right away. 

Your package includes:

  • Sales Profiles mapped to competencies
  • Assessments + Reports 
  • Sales Hiring Guides 
  • Development Plans
  • Test Questions (add-on)

Competencies help you understand how your sales team isn't meeting expectations, and our assessment reports will show you why... right down to the individual skill gaps.

—Lorraine McKay, Chief Officer, Talent Management Solutions | HRSG

We've helped hundreds of organizations over the years, from small businesses to Fortune 500s. You can rely on our breadth of experience to get results.


With competencies, there’s a specific set of behaviors that make it clear. We can create interview questions around these competencies, and we can talk to people about where they need to be in their jobs, or what they need to move to the next proficiency level for the next job. It makes it very easy.

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Tracey Piper 

Vice President, Human Resources at Destination XL


We're proud to be an award-winning company with a competency dictionary that's among the most advanced, researched, and validated in the industry. 




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Access the top tools, competencies, and expert advice you need with HRSG's Core Competencies Accelerator Package. 

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Reveal the true value of competencies.

We love sharing knowledge. Check out this report from the Brandon Hall Group to learn more about the value and ROI of Competency-based Management.

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