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Explore the possibilities of competency-based development

Today’s workplaces are multi-generational, multicultural, and more individualistic than ever before, making ‘one size fits all’ development plans a thing of the past. Using competencies will help create engaging, self-directed career pathways by turning job requirements into measurable and observable behaviors.

Support the personal aspirations of your workforce while meeting business needs; flexible, multi-level competencies are the tool you need to help your organization fulfill its potential.

Talent & Learning Resources
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IMA is using CompetencyCore to offer an interactive career planning tool to its members called CareerDriver.

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Etisalat is using CompetencyCore to develop competency models and career ladders for their entire team.

Ilinniapaa skills development centre is using CompetencyCore to build learning and development plans.

What Talent and Learning Specialists are saying:

“After validating our competency framework, we worked with HRSG to create CareerDriver. This gives our members the ability to measure themselves against our competency framework, and to identify skill deficiencies for their current job or aspirational jobs. Anybody who uses it loves it, and they are impressed with how thorough it is.”

– Deborah Warner, IMA

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