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Streamline HR Processes and See Measurable Results Sooner.

For more than 25 years, we’ve helped small and midsized organizations solve big challenges through competency-based talent management. Our solutions include competency software, training, and consulting services that reflect global best practices, streamline the talent-management process, and help HR teams see measurable results sooner.

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What competency problems are you facing?

We need to:

Start Using Competencies Today

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Don’t just settle for any competencies.

We offer:

  • 25+ years of leadership in competency development and deployment
  • 550+ customizable, multi-level competencies that are developed in-house
  • 350+ competency-based job profiles, including entry-level, management-level and leadership-level jobs
  • An extensive range of competency content, services, training, and software
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