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These are my competencies.

I foster teamwork.

I take risks.

I motivate others.

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I foster employee development.
I build strong teams.
I champion change.

These are my competencies.

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I work collaboratively.

I communicate ideas.

I shape vision and values.

These are my competencies.

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At HRSG, we help you build and manage competencies swiftly and affordably with industry-leading competency content, services, training, and software.

We’ve helped hundreds of organizations—from small businesses to Fortune 500s—integrate competencies into their talent-management life cycle.

What are competencies?

Find out why competencies are now used by most Fortune 500 organizations.
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We offer:

  • 25 years of leadership in competency development and deployment
  • Customizable, multi-level competencies that are developed in house
  • An extensive range of competency content, services, training, and software
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