Competency-based solutions for today’s organizational challenges

For more than 25 years, we’ve helped small and midsized organizations solve big challenges through competency-based talent management. Our solutions include ready-to-go competency dictionaries and competency-based products, software, training, and consulting services that reflect global best practices, streamline the talent-management process, and help HR teams see measurable results sooner.

What competency problems are you facing?

We need to:

  • Get started with competencies
  • Support employee development and growth
  • Develop and improve leadership
  • Make better hiring decisions
  • Improve performance

How HRSG can help solve your challenge

Don’t just settle for any competencies. We offer:

  • 25+ years of leadership in competency development and deployment
  • 550+ customizable, multi-level competencies that are developed in-house
  • 350+ competency-based job profiles, including entry-level, management-level and leadership-level jobs
  • An extensive range of competency content, services, training, and software

What our customers are saying

  • “CompetencyCore has become the hub from which we drive all our integrated HR processes such as recruitment and selection, job description enhancement, performance management, training and development etc.” .

    Monica HendersonManager, Human Resources, Blue Water Bridge Company
  • “I was looking for a system that could help me build a competency program to improve hiring, job descriptions, performance evaluations, training and results. After months of searching and reviewing various programs and systems, I selected HRSG.”

    Keith HowesHR Director, Western Health Advantage
  • “Using a competency dictionary gave me a huge head start, and because of the quality of the competencies, it made it so much easier for staff to understand the process.”

    Rosalind Cohen-BaruchDirector Human Resources, BSR
  • “We’re really starting to be clearer about who we are as an employer and what we expect of our staff. Competencies helped us to determine the right kind of people.”

    Nazlin MohamedSupervisor of Employee Relations, OPSEU
  • “With competencies, there’s a specific set of behaviors that make it clear. We can […] talk to people about where they need to be in their own job, or what they need to do to move to the next job. It makes it very easy.”

    Tracey PiperDirector of Human Resources – Talent Management, DXL
  • “Multi-level competencies achieve the balance between continuity and culture, while also having the right degree of flexibility to tweak skills as new emerging skills are necessary.”

    Kristi ConlonSenior Learning & Development Professional, Intel
  • “Trying to determine what the competencies are and define them […] can potentially make this a very lengthy process. Using CompetencyCore, we’re able to make significant progress in a much shorter amount of time.”

    Michele WhiteheadManager, Human Resources Services, Berkshire Associates
  • “HRSG developed and manages our national pre-employment screening process in Canada. The innovative assessment tools and online delivery platform has resulted in increased effectiveness and efficiency.”

    Director, Employment Policies & Programs, Canada Post Corporation
  • “The software is completely user-friendly and is all encompassing for any competency-based project that companies may want to embark upon.”

    Karen Cowrie, HR OfficerPlanning, Training & Development—Phoenix Park Liquid Gas Processors
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