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The Competency Toolkit

Just getting started with competency management? You've come to the right place. These curated tools and guides cover some of the basic concepts you'll need to fill in the gaps and continue your journey; you'll get dozens of useful tips to help you fulfill your HR mission.

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Competency Toolkit Testimonials


Ciaran M.


Easy to follow with clear instructions and guidance on how to develop competencies appropriate for our business.


Jane O.

Human Resources Manager

Very comprehensive and detailed. This toolkit was very helpful for our Talent Management Program.


Lizette B.

Senior Manager, OD and Workforce Planning

I like the ease of use and that it builds resources for other processes (i.e. career pathing).


Safiya G.

Deputy Director, Institutional Learning

It is very well presented, making the information easier to digest. In addition, the content is quite extensive.


Marietta U.

Program Manager

Contains the basic concepts and explanations for understanding competencies.


J.D. Lester

Vice President of HR

I like the competency overview and the list of competencies.


Meghan R.

Director of People Operations

I liked the clear outline of how to develop and utilize competencies.


Osmair V.

HR Business Partner

I liked its overview and its concept.


Maria V.

HR Manager

I liked the detail and the simplicity.

Here's What You'll Get Access To:


Free Tool: See the Competencies for Any Job Description

It can take weeks of stakeholder engagement to find competencies for your jobs. CompetencyCore’s AI analyzes millions of data points to generate results instantly. Use our free tool to paste in any job description and see it in action.

Competencies 101

This eBook covers the ABC's of competencies: what are they? How do they work? And most importantly, what are the benefits of a competency-based approach to talent management? Learn how competencies can make a positive impact on all phases of your talent management programs.

Choosing Your Competency Framework (NEW!)

Ensuring Success with the Right Content, Tools & Services

This comprehensive PDF guide covers the following:

  • Whether to build or buy a competency framework
  • Single-level vs multi-level competencies
  • Using content together with competencies
  • HRSG's competency framework 
  • Using competency profiles (including sample competency profile)
  • Competency content and your talent lifecycle

Managing Competencies with Software

Take a look at a sample competency, and all the ways that competencies can feed into your talent management strategy — if you have the right software in place. This guide covers the benefits of a competency management software system.

CompetencyCore Overview

An overview of CompetencyCore software, exploring how the software helps you fulfill your HR mission to hire, retain and develop your best people.

List of HRSG Competencies


Aceess our competency dictionary -- the comprehensive list of the behavioral, technical and leadership competencies that are available at HRSG.