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The HRSG Competency Toolkit

A Complete Guide to Competency Content, Technology, and Talent Management

book cover of HRSG's competency toolkit

Competencies are now the preferred approach to talent management worldwide. This toolkit gives you the insights you need to understand and apply competencies more effectively across the talent lifecycle.

If you're a talent professional who is tasked with attracting and retaining talent, aligning talent to the organization's core values, or bringing more objectivity and visibility to HR activities, this toolkit is for you.

This comprehensive resource contains data, best practices, and digital tools to help HR professionals understand competencies and apply them more effectively to critical HR activities such as interviewing, assessment, development, and career pathing.

Access the toolkit and enhance your competency expertise!

Topics include:

  • Competency basics, including the three competency types and the structure of multilevel competencies
  • How to evaluate and select the competency content based on specific quality criteria
  • How competencies can be applied to development, career pathing, and other talent activities
  • The latest innovations in competency technology, including big data and artificial intelligence (AI)
  • Best practices for launching a successful competency initiative in your organization

Plus, get access to an AI technology tool, a technology selection guide, and a checklist for launching a successful competency initiative.