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Competency Mapping

Identify the competencies that define your organizational DNA and create a path to success for every person in your organization.

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A Powerful Framework for Aligning Your Organization's Talent

We help you evaluate, select, and customize the competencies that define the unique values, strengths, and behaviors that enable your organization to thrive today and into the future. Mapping the right competencies to jobs within your organization helps you create a framework for identifying the right people for the job and developing them to their full potential.


Core Competencies: Identify the competencies that define your organizational DNA and align your people with the shared values that drive success.


Leadership Competencies: Identify the behaviors that align with and predict exceptional leadership for your organization and industry.


Technical Competencies: Identify the behaviors that predict success for specialized industries such as financial services, supply-chain management, cybersecurity, and many more.


Competency Profiles: Integrate competencies into your organization’s job profiles to support strategic HR activities including assessment, interviewing, development, and workforce planning.

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The Competency Toolkit


Start your journey today with our free Competency Toolkit.

Get instant access to this valuable resources to help you level up your competency knowledge. Topics include:

  • Competency basics, including the three competency types and the structure of multilevel competencies
  • The latest innovations in competency technology, including big data and artificial intelligence (AI)
  • And much more!

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World-leading competency content

Leverage World-Leading Competency Content

With a collection of 600+ multi-level competencies and one of the world's largest technical competency libraries, HRSG ensures that your competency mapping initiative is supported by detailed, validated competency content.

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We've built the foundation of HRSG on helping businesses map the competencies that drive their success. You can rely on our unparalleled blend of experience and technology to do the same for your organization.

— Zoe Wang, Lead Consultant