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Streamline HR Processes and See Measurable Results Sooner.

For 28 years, we’ve helped organizations solve big challenges through competency-based talent management. Our solutions include competency software, training, and consulting services that reflect global best practices, streamline the talent-management process, and help HR teams see measurable results sooner.

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Streamline your talent management process and improve organizational performance using competencies. Get started by using profiles to build focused descriptions of successful performers, and effectively combine the various types of competencies we offer.



Use competency management software to quickly and easily build a competency framework that fits your organization. Our CompetencyCore software focuses on the management of competencies, and helping you make better talent decisions through assessment and interviewing capabilities.



Our services are customized to your needs, regardless of whether you’re a competency beginner or veteran. Our testing & assessment programs enhance your talent management systems, while our training courses allow you to master globally recognized competency skills.

HRSG helps people and organizations advance through the power of competencies.


Why Work With Us?

Competency Experts

With 28 years of experience, we know what we’re talking about where competencies are concerned.

Client Focus

We provide a tailored approach for customers by combining our products, services and training.

Quality Focus

We provide the best solutions for our clients that are practical and designed to drive success.

We Get Results

Our clients achieve success using our solutions, and we have the testimonials to prove it.

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DXL | Destination XL

“With competencies, there’s a specific set of behaviors that make it clear. We can create interview questions around these competencies, and we can talk to people about where they need to be in their jobs, or what they need to move to the next proficiency level for the next job. It makes it very easy.”

Tracey Piper, Director of Human Resources - Talent Management


Berkshire Associates

“Trying to determine what the competencies are and define them and then define the behavioral indicators can potentially make this a very lengthy process. By running the campaign in CompetencyCore, we’re able to make significant progress in a much shorter amount of time.”

Michele Whitehead, Manager of Human Resources Services

Berkshire Associates

Phoenix Park Liquid Gas Processors

“The software is completely user-friendly and is all encompassing for any competency-based project that companies may want to embark upon. After using CompetencyCore for our HR needs, we’ve experienced improved alignment, compliance, and satisfaction within our organization.”

Karen Cowrie, HR Officer Planning, Training & Development

Phoenix Park Liquid Gas Processors
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BH Study

This innovative study by Brandon Hall Group provides an in-depth look at how organizations plan, develop, and manage competencies. Learn how to get the greatest ROI possible with a high performance program, and avoid common pitfalls that cause most organizations to struggle with competencies.