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Help your people succeed, with smart job description software that powers every stage of the employee lifecycle.

Say goodbye to the tedious, so you'll have more time for the strategic. 

CompetencyCore's exclusive Smart Job Description  Technology gives you the power to easily create, edit and manage job descriptions the modern way.

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CompetencyCore job description management software

CompetencyCore by HRSG makes use of our exclusive Smart Job Description Technology to power every stage of the employee lifecycle through competencies.
Start with Mapping to map your jobs and competencies, then add Navigating to engage your employees.


Use Smart Job Description Technology to unify your company's job descriptions,
competencies and interview guides.


Empower your talent with career management software that offers competency-driven career pathing, assessment, development and insights.

See the smarter way in action.

Get your free demo to see CompetencyCore's Smart Job Description Technology for yourself.

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The software is completely user-friendly and is all encompassing for any competency-based project that companies may want to embark upon. After using CompetencyCore for our HR needs, we’ve experienced improved alignment, compliance, and satisfaction within our organization.
Karen Cowrie

Karen Cowrie Phoenix Park Gas Processors

[The software] gives our members the ability to measure themselves against our competency framework, and to identify skill deficiencies for their current job or aspirational jobs. Anybody who uses it loves it, and they are impressed with how thorough it is.
Deborah Warner

Deborah Warner Institute of Management Accountants

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  • How to build competency-based Smart Job Descriptions quickly using AI technology
  • How to build hiring guides in minutes, to get great talent on board
  • Ideas on how to engage your employees with career pathing navigation tools