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Put competencies at the core of your talent management programs.

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The Smart Choice for Competency Content.

Competencies are the proven building blocks to streamline your talent management process and improve organizational performance. Implementing competencies as the foundation for the complete talent management lifecycle brings consistency and objectivity to your programs. 

Multi-level competencies that provide tangible value to your organization.

In most organizations, different jobs and job levels require different levels of skills, knowledge and abilities. HRSG's multi-level competencies provide the detail that talent management personnel, managers, and employees need to get an accurate picture of what success looks like in a given role.

HRSG's multi-level competencies provide the shared language and structure to create consistency, continuity and clarity. Building on 30 years of job analysis and continual refinement, our competencies stand alone in the marketplace: accurate, relevant and validated across a broad range of occupations and industries.

Competency profiles that define the markers of success in every role.

Valid competency profiles (sometimes known as competency models) are the starting point for any competency initiative that supports all intended HR goals.

HRSG's competency profiles capture the observable abilities, skills, knowledge, motivations or traits defined in terms of the behaviors needed for successful job performance.



Implement competencies with the right content + tools to make your project soar.

HRSG’s CompetencyCore competency management software unlocks the full potential of competencies, giving you the power to truly operationalize your content across the talent lifecycle.

Select competencies with ease and map them to your organization's job descriptions. Edit and customize our best-in-class competencies. Engage your teams in selecting core competencies for your organizations. Build assessments, assign learning resources, and give employees the power to build their own career paths.

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Get started on your competency project with our free curated guides, including Competencies 101: the complete starter guide, access to our Competency Suggestion Engine Tool and much more. Over 3,000 toolkit downloads done by wonderful professionals like you!

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Our Competencies


Behavioral competencies articulate the softer, natural or inherent behaviors of your employees.



Technical competencies describe the application of knowledge and skills needed for success in specialized fields.



Leadership competencies capture the essence of effective leaders and translate it into measurable behaviors.


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Leave the heavy lifting to us! Whether it's core, technical or behavioral competencies, our competency experts can develop whatever you need.


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The HRSG Advantage: Why Work with Us?


30 Years of Experience

Competencies are the proven building blocks to streamline your talent management process and improve organizational performance.


600+ Competencies

Choose from our library of over 600 competencies, covering a
diverse range of fields.


Multiple Levels

All HRSG competencies contain multiple levels of proficiency
that describe different levels of ability.


Behavioral Indicators

All competencies come with measurable indicators that
describe what practicing the competency looks like.


Continuous Updates

All competencies are periodically updated to better reflect the
changing nature of work over time.

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Software Solution

The number one competency management software to help you operationalize your project quickly & effectively.


Competency Suggestion Engine

Only in CompetencyCore

Map competencies to a job in minutes, not weeks, with our exclusive Competency Suggestion Engine, only available in our CompetencyCore software. Want to try it out? Access the Suggestion Engine online as part of your free access to our Competency Toolkit.

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Hear it from Our Clients:


Neil Penny

L&D Specialist

CompetencyCore makes it super quick to build a stack of roles for a team in a grade level. The library of competencies is invaluable for getting started to create roles across all elements of a business. Mixing and matching competencies for roles is super quick and simple. The ability to custom create your own competencies and upload them into your library adds to the power of the tool. [It's a] nice, clean UX as well, which is easy to use and navigate.


Alex Andrews

Manager, Organizational Development

HRSG has an extensive library of competencies and the tool makes it easy to manage, edit, and create new content. CompetencyCore is an easy to use online platform that makes it easily accessible wherever you are working.

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