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Identify the individual behaviors that connect personal growth with professional success.

Predicting and measuring the effectiveness of employees is a really challenging task. Even the best managers and HR departments struggle to keep tabs on how every employee’s abilities and behaviors fit with the job they’re being asked to do. 

A competency-based approach provides the structure on which to build your entire talent management process. Implementing competencies allows your company to push beyond the tasks your employees need to simply get by, and strive towards the behaviors and abilities that allow your company to truly flourish.

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How Behavioral Competencies Help:


How Behavioral Competencies Help

Behavioral Competencies Align Your Employees' Behaviors with Your Company's Goals.

Competencies form the foundation for an objective talent management system that drive organizational success. By clearly articulating the specific behaviors that drive success, they provide your organization with the objective decision-making tools to both hire the right people, and help your current employees reach their full potential.

HRSG’s competencies are the proven standard – backed by nearly 30 years of research and development, trusted by hundreds of organizations, and tested in real-world environments through a wide range of sectors and industries.

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Behavioral Competencies

Don’t know where to begin with competencies? Start here. This free ebook breaks down the value of competencies, shows how they’re used to build role and job profiles, and offers 3 tips for companies thinking about implementing them in their organization.