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Competency implementation and management made easy.

Implementing and managing competencies doesn't have to be painful. CompetencyCore puts HR in control, allowing you to map HRSG's 300+ off-the-shelf competencies to your unique organization. Deliver immediate, tangible value to your organization, implement best practices quickly, and start hiring, developing and retaining your best talent sooner.

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Competency management software that delivers immediate value.


Choose from 300+ competencies that cover the world of work.

HRSG's competencies are the product of 30 years of job analysis and internal expertise, resulting in competencies that are thorough, accurate, and regularly updated.


Measure, manage, maintain.

CompetencyCore is the core piece of cloud software that allows you to truly operationalize competencies -- from standardized interview questions to assessment & development activities. Deliver immediate and tangible value to your organization with the software that's been built to help you make better talent decisions.


Implement & manage competencies with the purpose-built software platform.

CompetencyCore is the easiest way to map your world of work and set the foundation for better talent management:

  • Access to the behavioral, technical and leadership competencies your organization needs
  • Manage and edit competencies
  • Competencies updated every 12-24 months
  • Includes 500+ job descriptions, linked with competencies

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At HRSG, we've distilled 30 years of expertise into the leading job description and competency management software product available.

Let’s explore what CompetencyCore can do for you and your organization. To see it in action, book your demo today.