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Give your people the power to succeed, with the leading competency management system software.

The smartest companies in the world are using competencies to unify their HR processes throughout the employee lifecycle.

CompetencyCore is the only competency software that gives you the power to map those key skills and behaviors to your organization's jobs with the click of a mouse, creating Smart Job Descriptions that foster hiring, assessment, development and retention activities. To see it in action, get your free demo.


The smart choice for competency management software.


Select and implement competencies with ease.

Choose from hundreds of behavioral and technical competencies, developed through 30 years of expertise. Map them to your job descriptions in minutes using  CompetencyCore's proprietary AI Suggestions. It's the easy way to empower your people to easily measure, manage and retain great talent.


A better way to manage competencies.

Take control of your competency initiative with purpose-built tools designed to make your life easier. Edit competency content, roll out published changes to jobs seamlessly, and maintain a record of changes over time. 


Get everyone on board with competencies.

Engage employees in selecting the competencies relevant across the organization or in specific jobs. Send competency profiling surveys and roll out core competencies across all jobs in the organization using our purpose-built, competency-first tools.

CompetencyCore: The Smart
Competency Management System Software

CompetencyCore gives you the power to finally elevate your process and empower your people. Leverage leading-edge technology to effortlessly map our best-in-class competencies to your job descriptions, so that they can power your entire employee lifecycle. Do it all quickly and easily. And manage your competencies seamlessly. Watch the video below to see how competencies form the backbone of smarter job descriptions and fuel smarter HR programs, then book your demo to get started today. 


The smartest companies turn to CompetencyCore for competency management.

  • Access 500+ competencies that have been refined by experts over 30 years.
  • Customize the competencies to reflect your company language and tone.
  • Identify core competencies that reflect shared company values.
  • Survey your stakeholders on the key competencies needed for your jobs.
  • Control how competencies are added and prevent accidental deletion.
Get Your Demo of CompetencyCore:
  • 1:1 product walkthrough of CompetencyCore with one of our HR software experts
  • How to build competency-based Smart Job Descriptions quickly using AI technology
  • How to build hiring guides in minutes, to get great talent on board
  • Ideas on how to engage your employees with career pathing navigation tools