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Competency Management Software

Use + manage competencies throughout your HR programs with the only AI-driven competency software tool.

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Map competencies to your jobs in minutes. Not months.

Choose from hundreds of behavioral and technical competencies, developed through 30 years of expertise. Map them to your job descriptions in minutes using CompetencyCore's exclusive Competency Suggestion Engine. It's the easy way to empower your people to easily measure, manage and retain great talent.

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A better way to manage competencies.

Take control of your competency initiative with purpose-built tools designed to help you get your programs off the ground quickly. Customize our off-the-shelf competency content to fit the exact needs of your organization, or add your own custom-developed competencies to our competency management platform. Roll out published changes to jobs seamlessly, and maintain a record of changes over time.

Get everyone in your organization on board.

Engage employees in selecting the competencies relevant across the organization or in specific jobs. Send competency profiling surveys and implement core competencies across all jobs in the organization using our purpose-built competency management tools.

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Getting started is easy.

Addressing your HR challenges doesn't have to be painful. Here's how HRSG makes it easy to elevate your process and empower your people.

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Huge content libraries used by hundreds of companies.

Pull from an ever-growing bank of high-quality job descriptions, competencies and interview questions to get things moving, and customize to fit your needs.

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Best-in-the-business kickoff training & support.

Your success is our success. All CompetencyCore subscriptions include dedicated 1-on-1 time with a software expert to get you started on the right foot.

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Unmatched experience for trickier projects.

Whatever challenges you're facing, we've probably seen them before in our 30 years of consulting experience. We've got the services team to help you succeed!

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Begin your journey today.

See our competency management software in action for yourself.

Whether you’re looking for a tool to manage your existing competencies, or want to access the most thorough collection of competencies in the world, we have you covered. Get your free, live demo for a one-on-one walkthrough session with one of our software experts. 


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The software is easy to use and covers all aspects of a competency framework; including a wide library of competencies that you can modify as you need to. Great customer service experience and training.
— Petra Sookram, HR Officer at Angostura Ltd.

Smart competency management

CompetencyCore gives you the power to finally elevate your process and empower your people with seamless competency management features. Leverage leading-edge technology to effortlessly map our best-in-class competencies to your job descriptions, so that they can power your entire employee lifecycle. Do it all quickly and easily. See the leading competency management software solution in action for yourself.

  • Access hundreds of competencies that have been refined by experts over 30 years.
  • Customize the competencies to reflect your company language and tone.
  • Add your own competencies into our competency management software.
  • Identify core competencies that reflect shared company values.
  • Survey your stakeholders on the key competencies needed for your jobs.
  • Control how competencies are added and prevent accidental deletion.