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Career Pathing Software

Foster great employee development & retention programs.
CompetencyCore by HRSG empowers your people to chart their own course.

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Don't just tell employees what their future might hold. Show them the way.

A picture is worth a thousand words. Career Path Navigation provides your talent with a self-directed, visual overview of advancement possibilities in your organization. Empower your employees to select career paths and determine the steps they need to take to reach their dream job.

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Build next-level employee engagement programs.

Career Path Navigation gives you the tools to show your employees that the best place for them to develop and grow is where they are: within your organization. Now you've got the power to have meaningful, data-backed conversations with your company's people based on where they really want to go.

Combine employee assessments with career path planning for amazing engagement.

Use the data built out for your career pathing tools to fuel your employees' entire lifecycle: carry out assessments so they can address skill gaps, carry out development programs, and help them reach their ultimate goal.

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Getting started is easy.

Addressing your HR challenges doesn't have to be painful. Here's how HRSG makes it easy to elevate your process and empower your people.

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Huge content libraries used by hundreds of companies.

Pull from an ever-growing bank of high-quality job descriptions, competencies and interview questions to get things moving, and customize to fit your needs.

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Best-in-the-business kickoff training & support.

Your success is our success. All CompetencyCore subscriptions include dedicated 1-on-1 time with a software expert to get you started on the right foot.

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Unmatched experience for trickier projects.

Whatever challenges you're facing, we've probably seen them before in our 30 years of consulting experience. We've got the services team to help you succeed!

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Begin your journey today.

See our career pathing software in action for yourself.

Learn how you can turn your best talent into your most loyal talent, and empower them to chart their own course in your organization. Get your free, live demo for a one-on-one walkthrough session with one of our software experts. 


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We love that our team members can interact with it directly and be self-empowered to know what skills need developing; and what learning and on-the-job activities will get them there.
— Sarah Sorne, HR Generalist at First Commerce Credit Union

Smart career development planning tools

HRSG's CompetencyCore software gives you the power to finally elevate your process and empower your people. Building an effective career path process starts with a Smart Job Description, where you leverage leading-edge technology to effortlessly map skills and behaviors to your descriptions. With your groundwork set up, give your talent the visual career mapping tool they've been looking for and watch as they build their own future within the organization.

  • Leverage employee profiles to provide them with percentage matches between their current profile and their desired job.
  • Reduce turnover by demonstrating how the lateral moves can help an employee reach their goals or inspire new ones.
  • Build out succession plans and hold meaningful conversations with employees based on where they want to go.