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Learn how the smartest professionals are building better job descriptions, faster, in 2020.

These curated tools and guides provide dozens of useful tips and ideas to help you fulfill your HR mission.

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PDF Quick Guide | Building Competency Based Job Descriptions Correctly

Though many organizations are now making use of competency based job descriptions, not all of them build it the right way. This PDF quick guide gives you the rundown on the right way to do things... and pitfalls to avoid.
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Report | The State of Job Description Creation in 2019

We surveyed 100+ HR professionals about job descriptions. The results were often surprising. Where are people sourcing their job descriptions? How long is it taking HR professionals to put their job descriptions together? Find out that, and so much more in our State of Job Descriptions data.


PDF Guide | The Buyer's Guide to Job Description Software

Covers the 5 signs that you need a better solution, looks at the 3 main types of job description software products, and includes a software comparison matrix. If you're thinking about ways to improve your job description process and quality, this new guide is a must-read.

PDF Quick Guide | How to Build Smart Job Descriptions

Technology has changed the world of work significantly in recent years. But there's one thing that hasn't changed... until now: job descriptions. Read this guide to learn about the problems with regular old job descriptions, how to quickly map your world of work, and more.

Free Tool | See the Competencies for Any Job Description

It used to take weeks of stakeholder engagement to find competencies for your jobs. Not anymore. CompetencyCore’s AI analyzes millions of data points to generate results instantly. Use our free tool to paste in any job description and see an example of our Competency Suggestion Engine in action.


Video | Creating Job Descriptions in CompetencyCore

A quick overview of how our CompetencyCore software empowers you to build better job descriptions, faster, for your organization.