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The Job Description Toolkit

Learn how the smartest professionals are building better job descriptions, faster. These curated tools and guides provide dozens of useful tips and ideas...and we've packaged them all up for free, easy access. Get your toolkit today!


PDF Quick Guide | Building Competency Based Job Descriptions Correctly

This PDF quick guide gives you the rundown on the right way to do things... and pitfalls to avoid.

Blog Insights | Best Practices for Writing Effective Job Descriptions

Some great tips to help you create more effective job descriptions to help your organization achieve its HR and business goals.
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Report | The State of Job Description Creation

We surveyed 100+ HR professionals about job descriptions. See what we found out about their processes in our exclusive State of Job Descriptions data.

PDF Guide | The Buyer's Guide to Job Description Software 

If you're thinking about ways to improve your job description process and quality, this new guide is a must-read. Now contains Job Description Software checklist. 

Blog Insights | Writing Effective Job Descriptions: 6 Tips to Make Them Great

What separates one company’s job descriptions for the next? How can we get to the heart of “how to write a good job description?”


Infographic Insights | 8 Job Descriptions Mistakes to Avoid

If you don't know what not to include in a job description, you might accidentally end up writing a “Frankenstein” job description. Here's what to avoid.

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