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High Quality Job Descriptions +
The Software to Implement Them Quickly

Get high quality job descriptions that power your entire employee lifecycle. HRSG's job descriptions leverage the power of Big Data to reflect the modern world of work. All of our Smart Job Descriptions are mapped with skills and behaviors (competencies) mapped directly to the jobs, so you can use them to hire, develop and retain great people. 

The job descriptions are delivered through our leading job description management software platform, CompetencyCore. Request a demo today to see our Smart JD Technology in action.


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Available Job Descriptions

CompetencyCore: Smart Job Descriptions for the Modern World of Work


HRSG’s job descriptions leverage the power of Big Data to reflect the latest labor market trends in your job descriptions so you can hire, develop and retain the best people. 

Our Smart Job Descriptions come pre-mapped with skills and behaviors (competencies), transforming them into dynamic talent management records. Use our CompetencyCore job description software to not only build your descriptions, but elevate your HR programs:

Access 500+ job description templates.

Get instant access to the largest repository of editable job descriptions including validated skills and behaviors for success, all within one software tool.

Edit & customize in 30 minutes or less.

End the frustrating hours of copying-and-pasting. Pull from CompetencyCore's extensive library items, then customize the description to fit your organization.

Validate quickly and build your HR programs.

Manage the approval process seamlessly with built-in validation features. Use your Smart Job Descriptions to power your hiring, development and employee engagement processes. 

How Our Job Descriptions are Developed


Step 1: Our AI analyzes over 30,000,000 data points to create the drafts of the job descriptions.

Step 2: The draft version undergoes expert review to ensure accuracy and alignment with job analysis best practices.