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Bring a smarter interview process to your organization.

Build complete interview guides in minutes, based on Smart Job Descriptions, so that you and your hiring managers can hire great talent the modern way. CompetencyCore gives you the power to help your people select the right candidates every time.

Get your free demo to see how the smartest companies are using CompetencyCore to do effective behavioral interviews.


Hire right, every time, with interview guides built in minutes.


Everything you need to conduct effective interviews out-of-the box.

Access 1500+ expert developed interview questions mapped to specific competency levels. Support your hiring managers with standardized interview introductions, conclusions, rating scales and scoring guides.


Build job-specific interview guides in under 5 minutes.

Leverage CompetencyCore’s SMART question suggestion feature to quickly select interview questions related to the specific job requirements you are interviewing for. Modify and edit questions on the fly or add your own.


Make the best first impression.

Take advantage of HRSG's best practice interview techniques, rating scales, and introduction and conclusion scripts. All content is fully customizable so you can reflect your employment brand and wow your candidates.


Implement competency-based interviewing with the purpose-built software platform.

  • Pick from over 1500 pre-built competency-based questions with follow-ups.
  • Access fully-customizable rating scales, and introduction/ conclusion scripts.
  • Save time with auto-suggested questions related to job requirements.
  • Drag-and-drop question ordering and easy-to-use editing tools.
  • Personalize all interview content to reflect your employment brand.
  • Support a natural interview process with easily exportable interview guides.

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At HRSG, we've distilled 30 years of expertise into the leading job description and competency management software product available.

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