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Solutions Packages

Take your talent-management processes to the next level with a competency-based initiative scaled to your needs and requirements.

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Leverage the Power of Competencies
The power of competencies

Gain access to the world-leading competency content and frameworks used by leading enterprise organizations to manage talent assessment, development, retention, and planning.

HRSG’s solution packages are scaled to the budgets and resources of individual organizations while enabling them to benefit from best-in-class consulting and competency-based talent management frameworks.

Rocky Mountain Equipment case study

Client Case Study for HRSG's Solutions

See how HRSG helped Rocky Mountain Equipment address a serious turnover issue by creating competency profiles to guide their hiring processes.

"Even something as simple as our onboarding process is now much more effective because we are focusing on the right skills."

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Oudai Altabbaa

At HRSG, we aim to make our solutions accessible to a wide range of organizations. Our solutions packages are designed as a scalable starting point for companies to start leveraging the true power of competencies quickly.

— Oudai Altabbaa, Account Executive