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Strengthen sector skills

Define your sector's skills requirements, support skills development, and facilitate equitable access to sector employment opportunities using proven, powerful competency frameworks and competency-based management practices.


Define and develop the skills your sector needs to succeed

HRSG brings more than 30 years of expertise and a proven track record in developing competency content and technology, and delivering competency consulting, training, and research services for Canadian sector councils. Our work has helped regulatory bodies and associations at provincial and national levels to define and certify individual competence, address skill deficiencies, and improve organizational and individual performance to support both short and long-term strategic success.

Our services

We offer a complete range of services for sector councils, including research and environmental scans, assessments, competency development, employer tools, and Skills for Success project delivery.

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As world-leading competency experts with deep experience in sector council initiatives, we combine specialized expertise with an understanding of your unique goals and priorities.

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Our services

Competency development. Develop new competency content that accurately captures the unique skills requirements for your sector.

HR toolkits. Provide toolkits and resources that educate and empower employers to recruit and develop the skilled, qualified workers they need.

Research. Gain new insights into areas such as the training landscape for your sector, define new jobs, or quantify the impact of current or future skills gaps on sector safety, growth, and agility.

Occupational standards. Use competencies to define the occupational standards for key roles in your sector.

Career planning. Create resources such as job profiles, job-search guides, and other information tools to help newcomers explore their career options and plan for a career in your sector.

Certification programs. Develop programs that enable workers to develop and certify their sector-specific skills.

Profiles for Success. Support the Profiles for Success that identify your sector's essential skills by updating those skillsets, developing courses and online self-assessment tools, and offering guides to help employers build essential skills in the workforce.

Benchmarking. Assess the competencies and skills required for success and use that data to inform individual career plans and development activities.



By applying comprehensive sector experience, advanced expertise, a rich catalogue of competency resources, and innovative technologies to skills challenges, HRSG helps sector council clients define, analyze, empower, and strengthen the workforce using a competency-based approach.

Advanced expertise

HRSG's industrial organizational psychologists have worked with clients nationally and internationally and bring years of experience to the table.

Competency resources

HRSG maintains one of the world's most extensive libraries of competency content and can also develop new, custom content.

Advanced technologies

HRSG's proprietary competency platform integrates artificial intelligence and machine learning to enhance project outcomes.

Our sector experience

During HRSG's three decades of service, we have partnered with more than a dozen sectors to build National Occupational Standards, competencies, tool kits, support HR research and build certification and assessment programs. We have also worked extensively with professional associations to build competency frameworks, assessment tools, and to run assessment programs used for certification and licensing.


  • Canadian Council for Aviation & Aerospace
  • Canadian Agriculture Human Resource Council
  • Canadian Police Sector Council
  • Food Processing HR Council
  • Wood Manufacturing Council
  • Canadian Tourism Human Resource Council
  • Information and Communications Technology Council
  • Biotalent


  • Environmental Operators Certification Program of B.C.
  • College of Homeopathy of Ontario
  • Board of Funeral Services Ontario
  • Engineers Canada
  • Institute of Management Accountants
  • National Institute Disability Management
  • International NGO Safety and Security Association
  • Canadian Institute of Planners
  • Canadian Center for Substance Use and Addictions

“We have had a very beneficial and highly professional relationship with HRSG... The reviews of the certification process have been very positive, and we are excited to keep promoting the process.”

Michael O'Neil
International NGO Safety and Security Association (INSSA) Board Chair

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