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Interviewer Toolkit

Download the Toolkit

Build a great interview process and give your interviewers the tools they need to ask great questions. Put your organization on the path to better hiring decisions. These curated tools and guides provide dozens of useful tips and ideas to help you fulfill your HR mission. Get your free access today!

Here's What You'll Get Instant Access To:


PDF Guide | Complete Guide to Running Competency-based Interviews

Our comprehensive PDF on Running Competency-based Interviews includes 8 helpful tips for running a competency-based interview, how to evaluate a competency-based interview and much more.


PDF Guide | Sample Competency & Interview Questions

Take a look at this HRSG PDF which comes with 2 sample competencies and the corresponding interview questions.

cc-overview-cover (interview guide builder)

PDF | Interview Guide Builder Overview

An overview of CompetencyCore's Interview Guide Builder, a high-quality tool to help keep your hiring managers on track with a standardized and structured interview process.


Blog Resource | A Step by Step Guide to Running Behavioral Interviews [Free Hiring Guides Included]

There's a better way to assess your future candidates and it starts with competencies. Discover how behavioral interviews can help you properly assess candidates for your job openings.


Blog Resource | Webinar Recap: How to Build a Better Interview Process

Need to improve your interview process? Check out our recap from our June webinar and use the key insights/takeaways to enhance your current interview process.

building interview guides in competencycore

Video | Build Structured Interview Guides in CompetencyCore

A quick overview of how to easily build quality interview guides for organizations like yours.