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Career Path Accelerator

Boost retention, empower employees, and build a stronger talent pipeline by creating a career pathing program for your organization.


Career pathing enables your employees to explore and visualize a wider range of career options within the organization based on their knowledge, skills, abilities, interests, and career goals as well as the organization’s talent needs. Creating a flexible career pathing program helps you boost retention, build a stronger talent pipeline, and demonstrate a deeper commitment to every employee's long-term success.

Career pathing answers these critical questions:

Where am I today?
Where can I go tomorrow?
How can I achieve my career goals?

Accelerate a best-in-class program

An effective career pathing program connects your employees to a wide range of career options and empowers them to take the initiative in exploring and planning their career journey.

HRSG helps you plan, implement, and monitor a career-pathing program that is flexible, consistent, and intuitive. Starting with a single career path, we build a set of success models for every role on the path and define the development pathways between these roles. This framework can then be replicated to develop other career paths.

Key project deliverables include:


Success Models


Pathing Framework


Career Pathing Implementation Guide


Employee Career Pathing Playbook


A competency-based approach

HRSG career pathing programs are built on competencies—detailed definitions that capture the observable behaviors that successful performers demonstrate on the job.

Competencies are the preferred building blocks for creating career pathing programs because they describe the behaviors, knowledge, and skills needed for jobs within the spectrum of the career path. This allows employees to plan and develop key competencies in a progressive, consistent and planned way.

Competencies are:









Why choose HRSG

We have built more than 1,000 competency frameworks for companies ranging from startups to global multinationals including Intel and Adobe. Our approach is proven and supported by one of the world’s largest dictionaries of competency content.

The HRSG difference

Accelerated implementation methodology is designed to ensure quick deployment and ROI.

Competency-based approach aligns with proven, global best practices in talent management.

HRSG’s proprietary competency content ensures your pathing program is built on the world’s largest library of multi-level, validated competencies.

Software-agnostic approach enables you to integrate success models and career paths into your preferred talent management system.

Extensive consulting experience ensures that your career pathing program is developed by seasoned experts.

Our clients


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To learn more about developing a career pathing program in your organization, check out The 2022 Definitive Guide to Career Pathing or book a chat with an HRSG solutions consultant.


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