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Assess. Analyze. Understand. Insightful talent solutions for the public sector.

Expert research, assessment and analysis solutions to help public sector talent professionals get the most out of their workforce.

Assess and analyze to help talent professionals get the most out of their workforce

Let’s explore our solutions for public sector organizations:

Custom HR consulting solutions, built for the unique needs of public sector organizations.

Access HRSG’s extensive expertise, content libraries and strategic consulting skills, honed over many years of public sector engagements.

Services Overview

Competency content that’s stood the test-of-time, with updates for the modern world of work.

Utilize HRSG’s unmatched collection of competency content, job descriptions and interview questions to foster true objectivity and progress in your public sector organization.

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Competency Academy training: online or in-person

Learn from anywhere, through interactive sessions with the world’s leading competency experts. Whether you’re just starting out with competencies, or want to build on your existing knowledge, our Competency Academy instructors are here to share their unparalleled insights that can only come from working with competencies on a daily basis.

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Our public sector specialities include:


Research &

Utilize HRSG's experienced consultants and proven track record to address a broad domain of research topics in HR.



Rely on our customized approach to develop objective, fair & valid competency-based assessments for your certifying body.


Occupational Standards + Feasibility Studies

For sector councils and associations, work with HRSG's team to build standards that hold up over the long haul.

Public sector success stories


Learn how Worksafe New Brunswick is using competencies to optimize their leadership plans (coming soon).

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