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Job Description Software

Creating + managing job descriptions doesn't have to be painful. CompetencyCore puts the power of AI in your hands to easily build amazing job descriptions for your organization.

adding responsibilities to a job description using AI

Let's fix your broken job description process.

Job descriptions can be painful, but they don't have to be. With CompetencyCore by HRSG, pull from massive, high-quality content libraries to build great new descriptions quickly and easily. It's the modern way to elevate your job description process.

Add job responsibilities in a snap.

Stop the endless hours of trawling the internet to find the right responsibilities for your jobs. CompetencyCore's AI-Powered Responsibility Suggestions put the world's best database of job responsibilities in your hands, based on the specific job description you're building.

Collecting feedback doesn't have to be like pulling teeth.

Manage feedback and input from your colleagues and stakeholders seamlessly with purpose-built job description validation tools. Say goodbye to multiple drafts flying around, and say hello to spending more time on the strategic HR pieces that you'd rather be tackling.

Unlock the true potential of your company's job descriptions.

Your job descriptions have the potential to be so much more than they are right now. With your descriptions created in CompetencyCore, map competencies in minutes and use the live job data to power other key parts of your talent management programs: create interview guides based on the job data, build career pathing programs to engage and retain your talent, and manage all your processes easily.

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Getting started is easy.

Addressing your HR challenges doesn't have to be painful. Here's how HRSG makes it easy to elevate your process and empower your people.

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Huge content libraries used by hundreds of companies.

Pull from an ever-growing bank of high-quality job descriptions, competencies and interview questions to get things moving, and customize to fit your needs.

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Best-in-the-business kickoff training & support.

Your success is our success. All CompetencyCore subscriptions include dedicated 1-on-1 time with a software expert to get you started on the right foot.

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Unmatched experience for trickier projects.

Whatever challenges you're facing, we've probably seen them before in our 30 years of consulting experience. We've got the services team to help you succeed!

Begin your journey today.

See our job description management software in action for yourself.

Learn how you can start building better job descriptions, faster, in your own organization. Get your free, live demo for a one-on-one walkthrough session with one of our software experts. 



It's all about automation and efficiency that makes it so much easier to manage your stack of roles across the organization... CompetencyCore sped up my project massively.
— Neil Penny, L&D Specialist at Adaptavist

Product overview: building jobs in CompetencyCore

The world of work has changed. Isn't it time your job descriptions did, too? Our job description management software tool gives you the power to finally elevate your process and empower your people. Leverage leading-edge technology to effortlessly map skills and behaviors to your descriptions, so that they can power your entire employee lifecycle. Do it all quickly and easily. And manage job descriptions seamlessly.

  • Get started quickly and choose from 1500+ high-quality job description drafts available out-of-the-box.
  • Use our exclusive AI engine to map responsibilities and competencies to your job descriptions in a snap.
  • Engage managers and employees in providing input with built-in description management workflows to collect feedback.
  • Record employee signatures on specific versions of the job description.
  • Keep track of the latest version of job descriptions.
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