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CompetencyCore brings industry-leading job content together with intuitive, purpose-built software tools to map and navigate your world of work. To learn more, start by watching the product tour video below.

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Fulfill Your HR Mission.

Here's how CompetencyCore helps you select, develop and retain your best people.

Access 500+ job descriptions. Standardize descriptions across your company.

Standardize your organization's job descriptions and build new descriptions in 30 minutes or less. Access our 500+ job descriptions to take total control of your company's job descriptions. Learn more about our job description software.
Implement competencies 
with the purpose-built software solution.

Could you imagine developing 300+ competencies from scratch? Don't worry about it; we've done the heavy lifting for you. Draw from HRSG's extensive library of competencies, built on 30 years of extensive job analysis, and manage them seamlessly within CompetencyCore. Learn more about our competency management software.
Build structured interviews based on competencies.

Make the best selection decisions with competency-driven interview questions. Select from hundreds of expertly developed questions recommended based on specific job requirements. Learn more about our competency-based interviewing software.
Empower your employees with career management options.

Turn your best talent into your most loyal talent. Carry out competency-based assessments, build development plans, and empower your employees to chart their own course with Career Path Navigation. Learn more about our career management software functionality.

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At HRSG, we've distilled 30 years of expertise into the leading job description and competency management software product available.

Let’s explore what CompetencyCore can do for you and your organization. To see it in action, book your demo today.