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Elevate your hiring, assessment, development and retention programs.

HRSG's SmartJD Technology only available in CompetencyCore gives you the tools to power your entire employee lifecycle through Smart Job Descriptions.

Use our exclusive AI to map skills and behaviors (competencies) to your jobs in a matter of minutes, and then build your programs around these dynamic talent management records.

Elevate your process and empower your people. Book your demo to get started today.


See the smarter way in action.

Get your free demo to see how CompetencyCore helps you fulfill your mission to hire, develop and retain great talent.


Job description management just got a whole lot easier.

Build new job descriptions in 30 minutes or less with the leading job description creation software tool. Manage your approval process seamlessly with easy validation, employee sign-off and more. Learn more about our job description software functionality.
map competencies to job descriptions
Transform your old descriptions into talent management tools.

Add skills and behaviors (competencies) to your job descriptions to set the foundation for better HR programs. Use HRSG's extensive library of competencies and map them to your company's jobs with the click of the button, to transform them into dynamic talent management tools. Learn more about our competency management software functionality.
competency-based interview guide software
Get a tip of the hat from your hiring managers.

Empower your team to make the best selection decisions with included behavioral interview questions and structured interviewed guides. Select from hundreds of expertly-developed questions that help your teams make objective decisions, based on specific job requirements. Learn more about our competency-based interviewing software functionality.
career pathing software screenshot
Engage your employees with career management tools.

Turn your best talent into your most loyal talent. Perform competency-based assessments, build development plans, and empower your employees to chart their own course with visual Career Path Navigation. Learn more about our career management software functionality.
Get Your Demo of CompetencyCore:
  • 1:1 product walkthrough of CompetencyCore with one of our HR software experts
  • How to build competency-based Smart Job Descriptions quickly using AI technology
  • How to build hiring guides in minutes, to get great talent on board
  • Ideas on how to engage your employees with career pathing navigation tools