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CompetencyCore for


Build visual, easy-to-navigate career pathways that help employees explore, develop, advance, and succeed.

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employee development software

Support competency-based assessments

Run competency-based self-assessments, 180s, or 360s to measure employee strengths, identify gaps, and explore career options.

Provide targeted development options

Generate targeted learning plans from thousands of curated learning resources mapped to specific competency levels.

Explore visual career paths

Empower employees to explore vertical and lateral career opportunities with visual career paths that show them exactly what they need to do to achieve a specific career goal.

Analyze and report on talent

Use competencies to analyze talent strengths and gaps for specific departments, lines of business, or the whole organization.

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It's all about automation and efficiency that makes it so much easier to manage your stack of roles across the organization... CompetencyCore sped up my project massively.

— Neil Penny
L&D Specialist @ Adaptavist


World-leading competencies

Developed by industrial organizational psychologists, competencies define the abilities, skills, knowledge, motivations, and traits needed for successful job performance. Most importantly, these elements are described in terms of observable, on-the-job behaviors.

CompetencyCore is enriched with 350+ world-leading technical, universal, and leadership competencies that are detailed, validated, and include multi-level behavioral indicators.

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