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Identify the leaders who can inspire greatness in your team.

What makes a great leader? Companies used to rely on characteristics like discipline, force and power. But today, not all leaders are built the same; the modern transformational leader can draw from a much wider range of skills and aptitudes to inspire greatness in their teams. 

Since not all leaders are built the same, identifying them can be a time-consuming and tricky process. Recognizing the traits that can drive change, and developing these leaders is essential, because in an increasingly-competitive corporate world, effective leadership is more important than ever before.

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How Leadership Competencies Help:


How Leadership Competencies Help

Elevate the right people into the right positions to drive success in your company.

Leadership competencies capture the essence of effective leaders and translate those traits into measurable behaviors.

Drawing upon decades of development and expertise, HRSG’s selection of world-class leadership competencies give you the tools to identify the unique strengths your organization needs from its leaders – and elevate the right people into the right positions to drive success in your company.


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Leadership Redefined

In this free ebook, learn about the common traits that transformational leaders share, and how to build a framework to identify and nurture the next generation of leaders in your organization.