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Identify the individual behaviors that connect personal growth with professional success.

What qualities make a great leader? Historically, companies relied on characteristics like discipline, force, and power. But today, the modern transformational leader can draw from a much broader range of competencies that inspire individual and team success.

In an increasingly competitive working landscape, effective leadership is now more important than ever. By proactively identifying leadership traits that drive performance and results, you ensure that you are developing only highest potential candidates.

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Elevate the right people into the right positions to drive success in your company.


Identify the leaders who can inspire greatness.

Leadership competencies translate the traits evident in effective leaders into measurable behaviors.

Drawing upon decades of development and expertise, HRSG’s market-leading leadership competencies provide the tools to identify the unique strengths your organization needs in its leaders. At HRSG, we position the right people into the right roles to drive organizational success.

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How they’re developed

HRSG’s leadership competencies are a result of extensive research and job analysis by Industrial / Organizational Psychologists and competency experts. Our skilled team publishes competencies that are essential in identifying key leadership behaviors, and these are regularly updated to reflect the evolution of effective leadership.

Accessing HRSG competencies

Competencies aren’t as effective when used in isolation — you need proven methods to operationalize your investment. All HRSG competencies are delivered and managed through our industry-leading CompetencyCore software platform. Our intuitive software empowers you to manage and integrate competencies throughout your entire talent management lifecycle. With your subscription, you will receive regular competency updates (every 12 to 24 months).

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Leadership Guide
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