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Technical expertise you can observe, measure and map.

In specialized fields like sales, finance or marketing, it can be nearly impossible for HR departments to stay up-to-date on the technical skills your team members need to be effective in their roles.

Ensuring that employees, whether they’re new hires or organizational veterans, have the right technical skillset to be effective in their roles is crucial – both for ensuring their own success in the position, and to ensure that they’ll be making a strong contribution that aligns with the company’s goals. When the right people have the right skills for the right jobs, everyone benefits. Get started by viewing our technical competencies packages.

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How Technical Competencies Help:


How Technical Competencies Help

Technical competencies are a powerful tool to identify the specific skills and knowledge your employees need to thrive in their jobs.

When you have jobs that require targeted expertise, soft skills and prior experience are not enough to be truly effective. You need to ensure that your team is equipped with the abilities they need to drive success.

Technical competencies give you the power to drill down and map those abilities to the observable, measurable skills required for specific jobs. With technical competencies in place, you can build the highly specialized job profiles to attract the right candidates, identify skill gaps and develop your current employees to their full potential. View our technical competencies packages.


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