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Technical Expertise You Can Observe, Measure & Map


The Best Technical Competencies +
The Software Solution to Manage Them.

HRSG's technical competencies leverage 30 years of expertise and job analysis to accurately define the specific skills and behaviors that help ensure that your organization has the right people in the right roles.

Our competencies are delivered within the leading competency management software platform, CompetencyCore -- the easiest way to implement competencies across your organization, and manage them to reflect the ever-changing needs of your unique organization.

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Industry Technical Competencies

The industry competencies are designed for businesses that are specialized in specific fields. They represent knowledge geared towards specific sectors. Our industry competencies include (click to view, sign-in required):

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CompetencyCore competency management software

HRSG's CompetencyCore software puts HR in control, giving you access to all the technical competencies you'll need to deliver immediate and tangible value to your organization.

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HRSG is a world leader in developing competencies. View our custom Competency Development services.