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Accurate Central Banking Competencies + The Software Solution to Implement Them Quickly

  • Technical competencies define the successful behaviors in any central banking role.

  • Our competencies are delivered within the leading competency management software platform, CompetencyCore.

  • CompetencyCore is the easiest way to implement competencies across your organization, and manage them to reflect the ever-changing needs of your unique organization.

2020 Banking Competencies Report

Find out the 10 Most In-Demand Competencies in the Banking Industry:


In this report, learn more about the most in-demand competencies across the banking industry (based on analysis of 50,000+ banking industry job posts). This PDF also contains information on the basics of competencies and the practical steps you can take with this competency data.

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Available Central Banking Competencies

  • Banking Regulations
  • Banking Supervision
  • Banking System
  • Currency Management
  • Economic Research and Report Writing
  • Financial Stability
  • Foreign Exchange
  • Information Security Policy Management
  • Macro Models
  • Market Operations
  • National Economy
  • Payment Systems - Operations
  • Payment Systems - Oversight
  • Public Finance
  • Reserve Management
  • Treasury Operations - Accounting and Settlement
  • Treasury Operations - Risk Management
  • Tax Management
  • Tax Policy and Planning
  • Tax Return Compliance
  • Tax Systems and Technology
  • Valuation Technique