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To support Human Resources System Group Ltd. (“HRSG”) and Quinto in delivering its services, HRSG and Quinto engages third-party service providers as sub-processors.

This page identifies our sub-processors, describes where they are located, lists the services they provide to us and identifies the type of personal data processed.

Our business needs may change from time to time and we will periodically update this page to provide notice of additions and removals to our list of sub-processors.

Last Updated: October 24th, 2023


Service Provided

Data Processed

Processing Location

Amazon AWS

Cloud hosting

Information associated with delivery of Quinto site.


Laravel Forge

Server management

Information associated with delivery of Quinto site.

United States


Web application firewall

IP addresses, traffic routing data, system configuration information, etc. Learn more

United States and Europe

Bugsnag owned by SmartBear

Real-time error reporting

Client personal data if necessary to log errors.

United States

Pusher owned by MessageBird

In-app notifications

IP address and communication content. Learn more

The Netherlands, Belgium, and in parts of the United Kingdom and Germany

Mailgun owned by Sinch

Email notifications

Name, email, telephone number, IP address and other personal data included in the contact lists and message content. Learn more

United States


Two-factor authentication

Email address



User integration

The data collected depends on the integration. Learn more

EU and the United States


User feedback

Name, email address, profile picture, and IP address. Learn more

United States

The following types of personal data are collected for Quinto's current product offerings:

Quinto Standard, Plus, and Compliance — Account login information consisting of first and last name, a company business email address and a company name (“Account Information”).