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Make better talent decisions using the leading framework for defining success.

Build a customized, multi-level competency framework affordably and in a fraction of the time with HRSG’s specialized competency management software.

CompetencyCore supports and automates the process of managing and using competencies within your organization. Minimize administrative effort and see results sooner with this streamlined, cloud-based solution.

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CompetencyCore Modules

CompetencyCore Competency Manager

Competency Manager

The Competency Manager is the only solution to focus exclusively on the development and management of competencies. It acts as a central repository for competency content as well as a supportive framework to help HR professionals follow best practices in competency-based talent management.
CompetencyCore Profile Builder

Profile Builder

The CompetencyCore Profile Builder automates and guides the development of profiles that capture the right competencies and proficiency levels for every job in your organization.
CompetencyCore Interview module


The Interview module enables organizations of any size use competencies to conduct interviews, evaluate interviewees, and select the candidate most likely to achieve long-term success within the organization.
CompetencyCore Assessment module


The Assessment module enables you to measure on-the-job behaviors against appropriate competency levels to gain a comprehensive understanding of employee performance.
CompetencyCore Development module


The CompetencyCore Development module enables you to track your organization’s talent resources more effectively and align talent with strategic goals using a proven, competency-based approach.
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Why choose CompetencyCore?

  • A specialized solution designed for competencies
  • Simple, automated competency management
  • Automated job profile development process
  • Pre-loaded, best-in-class competency content
  • Direct access to expert competency consultants
  • Affordable, modular software options
  • One-on-one training and “train-the-trainer” training
  • Unlimited maintenance, upgrades, and technical support

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