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Get a globally recognized International Certificate in Competency-based Management.

Learn how to retain, grow, and attract the right talent by designing a data driven approach and putting meaning in job descriptions. Become an expert in defining your peoples’ gaps and strength, build a career path that speaks your company’s culture, and measure talent using an objective evidence-based process.

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Competency-Based Management

Course Length
3 sessions / 6 hours of learning time

$395 USD
 $1,200 USD

Dates: May 12th, 19th & 21st, 2020
Format: Delivered 100% Online!

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Global clients we've worked
with include:

✓ Talent Management Orientation/Foundation

An orientation to competency-based management, and how this approach facilitates higher levels of productivity contributing to improved bottom-line results.

✓ Career Development, Succession Planning, HR Planning

Understand the processes of Human Resource Planning, Career Development and Succession Management; And how competencies facilitate your workforce planning.

✓ Competency-based Selection and Assessment

Develop and implement a competency-based selection system that results in reliable, fair, and valid selection decisions.

✓ Competency based Performance Management

Design and implement a modern Performance Management program aimed at improving productivity in line with your business goals.

✓ Competency based Learning and Development

Assess and develop your employees to ensure that they have the competencies and skills to perform effectively in their current as well as in future jobs.

✓ Building Competency Profiles and Job Descriptions Using Artificial Intelligence

Learn how artificial intelligence is used to create job profiles and descriptions mapped to competencies. 

✓ Change Management and Designing an Integrated Talent Management System

Learn how to design and implement a full-scope competency-based management system within your organization.



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Sneak Preview

Watch our free, 1-hour introductory session on demand, led by our course instructors Lorraine McKay and Jemellee Selataria: "Putting Competency Based Management into Action."

Putting Competency Based Management into Action


  • HR Directors

  • HR Managers

  • L&D Managers

  • HR Executives and Leaders

  • HR Consultants

  • Talent Managers

  • Organizational Designer

  • Project Managers




The research says it all.

Competency Based Management has resulted in:


reduction in turnover due to increased employee satisfaction.


improvement in employee performance.


improvement in employee performance.


Global partners that have trusted HRSG's products, consulting and CBM programs over the last 30 years include:
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Gertie Ryan-Kavanagh

Manager, Training & Competencies at Husky Energy

"HRSG Competency Certification Course was a great experience overall! The facilitators were very generous with their extensive knowledge and expertise. The case study on the last day really set things in motion and forced me to put a plan in place. The explanation and demonstration of CompetencyCore brought together all of the course content to show how all elements of the competency system work together. Thanks a million!”


Marge Pfleiderer

Director of Operations at Lebanese American University, New York

"The Competency Certification Course offered by HRSG was amazing! All of the instructors managed to combine an impressive depth and breadth of knowledge with the ability to really communicate. A rare combination these days! If you want to learn competency-based management – this is the place to start!"


Karen Cowrie

HR Officer at Phoenix Park Liquid Gas Processor

"This is one of the courses where I constantly go back to the material and then apply it. I read HRSG's competency manual every other day to conduct interviews, and more. The training was essential!"


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USD $395
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About HRSG/ Institute of Human Resources Management Inc.


HRSG is an award-winning Competency-based HR solutions and technology company based in Ottawa, Ontario – Canada. For 30 years, HRSG has worked with a range of industries to define talent needs, address skill deficiencies, and improve individual and organizational performance.

Clients include global corporations and small or midsized organizations operating in sectors such as logistics, accounting, technology, banking, HR, manufacturing, sales and marketing, and many more.

Together, our team of senior consultants, industrial-organizational psychologists, and subject-matter experts develop and deploy competency content, technology, and strategy to address some the most complex challenges in today’s people and talent management environment.


Let Us Answer Your Questions:

HRSG's CBM training will be delivered in three, 2-hour sessions on May 12th, 19th, and 21st at 2:00PM Eastern Standard Time. Each session will have different topics and action plans. 

Total course time: 6 hours.

Our experts will deliver this course live through Zoom. 

The certification program will cost $395USD per individual and it will include study materials and booklets related to Competency-based Management.

HRSG’s Competency-based Management Certificate is an internationally recognized program and has been delivered to hundreds of professionals globally. Upon completion, you will be an accredited Competency-based Management Professional and a certificate will be issued to you.

This certificate is designed for HR professionals, leaders and executives, but anyone can register. The only prerequisite you need to have is an interest in developing your HR career and understanding the concepts and practices HR professionals use to address current challenges in attracting, retaining and developing talent.

This CBM certification training program moves you from theory to real world application, building skills and knowledge in competency-based management. This program focuses on workable competency-based solutions; giving you the skills to critically analyze specific issues, and design high-impact strategies that can start to work now. HRSG’s program teaches participants the skills needed to design develop and implement a competency- based program for their organization. The program utilizes a blend of best practices, case studies, technology, role-plays, techniques, models and the latest research in the field.

By registering to this CBM course, you agree to our refund policy below: 

You will receive a full refund (minus 3% admin fee) if you choose to cancel your registration anytime before May 4th, 2020.

No refunds will be issued after May 5th, 2020 for cancellations.

Please note: HRSG reserves the right to cancel the CBM Certification Program for any reason at anytime. If the program was cancelled by HRSG, you will be refunded in full.






Please contact HRSG Global Markets Representative: Oudai Altabbaa

 E: oaltabbaa@hrsg.ca or call +1-613-402-6865

An HR Certificate You Can Count on


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