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Take the first step towards using competencies effectively.

The way we manage talent has evolved. Employees need clarity around expectations and goals, and organizations need to build agile teams that can tackle changing business needs. An effective competency framework is an excellent way to achieve this.

At HRSG we define a competency framework as the competency system within an organization, consisting of the goals, the competency architecture, and the overall plan for the competency initiative. Our CBM experts can develop a complete competency system designed specifically to support your organizational goals and objectives. We will work with you to create a strategy to ensure your framework is achieving the desired impact and address shortfalls if necessary.

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competency framework

The Best Projects Start with a Solid Plan

competency framework

The best projects start with a solid plan.

How you can benefit from a competency framework:

The approach you take to creating a competency framework can make or break your talent management strategy. The framework provides the strategic and tactical structure to build on for the development and implementation of your competency program.

One of the main keys to successful comeptency initiatives is creating a link between your organization’s goals, and the behaviors that employees need to take on to contribute to those goals. Projects that start with a well-designed competency framework are much more likely to make this connection, and have a successful, lasting impact on your organization.

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Optimizing Your Competency Framework
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