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To support Human Resources System Group Ltd. (“HRSG”) in delivering its services, HRSG engages third-party service providers as sub-processors.

This page identifies our sub-processors, describes where they are located, lists the services they provide to us and identifies the type of personal data processed.

Our business needs may change from time to time and HRSG will periodically update this page to provide notice of additions and removals to our list of sub-processors.

Service Provider Types of Personal Data Processed Processor Activities Location
Oracle All Cloud hosting EU and Canada
Digital Ocean All Cloud hosting EU and Canada
HubSpot First and last name, company business email, any other Personal Data submitted by you in email to our sales personnel.  Marketing, sales, customer service capabilities USA

The following types of personal data are collected for HRSG’s current product offerings:

Competency Offering — Account login information consisting of first and last name, a company business email address and a company name (“Account Information”).

Career Planning Offering — Account Information and the following additional types of personal data: a user’s education history, continuing education courses completed, professional certifications, knowledge assessments, competency/proficiency assessments, language assessments, career goals, desired career pathways, goal-related comments.