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Free Project Manager Job Description + Behavioral Interview Questions

The Complete Hiring Guide
Get everything you need to hire the right Project Manager.

Download HRSG's hiring guide to get the right Project Manager on board. Here's what you'll receive:

  • Project Manager smart job description summary;
  • Interview Guide including 5 behavioral interview questions for a Project Manager role;
  • Tips for conducting behavioral based interviews, and how to evaluate candidates' answers;
  • Rating scale + summary rating sheet.

Get Your Free Project Manager Hiring Guide!

Why Download Our Hiring Pack?




Choose the best Project Manager for your company.

  • Behavioral interviewing (also known as competency-based interviewing) brings structure to your process when you're looking to hire the right Project Manager.
  • Our hiring guide includes everything you'll need to carry out an effective behavioral interviewing process.
  • Start with the included Project Manager Job Description, which contains mapped competencies.
  • Use the interview guide to ask questions directly based on those skills and behaviors that are needed from an effective Project Manager.
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