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Core Competencies Toolkit

Let's get started turning those visions and values into tangible, measurable behaviors. These curated tools and guides cover some of the basic concepts you'll need to fill in the gaps and continue your journey; you'll get dozens of useful tips to help you fulfill your HR mission.

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Here's What You'll Get Access To:


Core Competencies Accelerator: Starter Guide

Drill into an HRSG competency, and see how we can help you turn those vision statements into tangible behaviors.

Competencies 101

This eBook covers the ABC's of competencies: what are they? How do they work? And most importantly, what are the benefits of a competency-based approach to talent management? 

Choosing Your Competency Framework 

Ensuring Success with the Right Content, Tools & Services

This comprehensive PDF guide covers the following:

  • Whether to build or buy a competency framework
  • Single-level vs multi-level competencies
  • Using content together with competencies
  • HRSG's competency framework 
  • Using competency profiles (including sample competency profile)
  • Competency content and your talent lifecycle

List of HRSG Competencies


Aceess our competency dictionary -- the comprehensive list of the behavioral, technical and leadership competencies that are available at HRSG. 



The Difference Between Core Competencies and Values

One of the questions our consultants are frequently asked is, “Is there a difference between organizational values and core competencies, or do they perform the same function?” We break it down in this informative blog post.