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Ensure that employees can demonstrate the competencies needed for success

Our team of psychometric experts create custom tests and assessments based on your organization or industry’s unique needs. From assisting regulatory bodies and associations to develop licensing and certification programs, to delivering custom-built employment tests, we offer scalable solutions to address a variety of assessment needs.

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employment testing

Employment Testing

Using competencies as a foundation of any testing and assessment tool can increase the defensibility of your selection process and ensure that the right candidate is selected for the job.

Testing does not stop at selection. It can be used to help identify learning and development needs, career progression and leadership development. Our employment tests are built to suit your needs and come in various forms with various delivery mechanisms, from multiple-choice, to scenarios and simulations, to games.

HRSG’s employment testing service gives you the ability to objectively assess a large number of candidates, ensuring that you are selecting the ones that are best qualified. 


Licensure and Certification

For a licensing or certification program to be considered credible, it must be developed, administered and maintained with the highest standards of credentialing excellence in mind.

Our team of psychometric experts have extensive experience working with high-stakes testing clients, and provide support for the entire certification and licensure development, administration and maintenance process. 

We work with your committees and subject matter experts to ensure that the certification and licensure programs we develop are valid, reliable, defensible and fair.

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