HRSG’s leadership competencies capture the essence of powerful, effective leaders and translate it into measurable and observable behaviors. Integrating competencies into your HR practice lets you support your current leaders as well as identify and develop a new generation of future leaders.

Our leadership competency framework enables you to build and customize a blueprint for transformational leadership within your organization. The competencies are clustered around three leadership dimensions:

Transformational Leadership

Inspire the organization and identify a clear path for moving forward.

Business leadership

Demonstrate a high level of business acumen and strategic understanding.

Personal leadership

Using emotional intelligence to self-motivate and coax the best performance from others.

Support transformational leadership in your organization

HRSG offers a range of products and services to help you identify and support extraordinary leaders in your organization:

  • Incorporate competencies into your leadership management processes by licensing our leadership competency dictionary.
  • Develop validated profiles for specific leadership positions using our competency profile building software.
  • Identify and groom future leaders with our competency assessment solutions.

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Download the competency-based guide to transformational leadership.

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  • How to recognize and nurture transformational leadership
  • 3 best practices for managing effective leaders
  • The 20-competency framework that predicts leadership success, including access to a sample competency

For more than 25 years, HRSG has focused on the development of products, services, and software designed to support competency-based talent-management for organizations of every size and type—Fortune 500 corporations, small and midsize businesses, government, and non-profits/NGOs.