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Find, connect with, and hire top talent

Competencies help you improve the effectiveness of recruiting programs by allowing you to provide repeatable and standardized interviews based on your ideal candidate personas. By defining those crucial on-the-job behaviors that define success, competencies help you avoid hypotheticals and turn hard to evaluate soft skills into observable behaviors.

Make hiring even easier by using a set of competency-based interview questions pre-aligned to your competencies and competency profiles to easily assemble interview scripts based on the job requirements. Competencies keep your hiring process focused on what matters, connecting with top candidates.

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The Federal Bridge Corporation is using CompetencyCore to customize and enhance job descriptions.

Peer Support Accredation and Certification (Canada) is using CompetencyCore for competency-based assessment.

Agricorp is using CompetencyCore to create standardized interview guides and improve hiring practices.

What Hiring Managers are saying:

“HRSG continually supports us with enhancing our competencies and aligning them to our company vision. Their customer service is exceptional – I wish I could mandate that every HR department subscribe to this product!”

– Monica Henderson, Blue Water Bridge

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