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Competencies – a path to increased efficiency

Competencies cut back on admin tasks related to talent acquisition and management, allowing you to spend more time on what’s most important. Meet the needs of everyone, from employees to stakeholders, with an integrated HR strategy.

With competencies, you can improve workforce capabilities and make hiring or promotion decisions based on quantifiable and observable behaviors.

Resources for HR Managers
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Western Health Advantage logo

Western Health Advantage is using CompetencyCore to provide competency descriptions to its employees.

Du Telecom logo

Du telecom is using CompetencyCore to assess technical competencies to identify skill gaps.

Phoenix Park logo

Phoenix Park is using CompetencyCore to implement a competency-based approach to managing talent.

What HR Managers are saying:

“I was looking for a system that I could purchase and use to help me build a competency program to improve expectations, hiring, job descriptions, performance evaluations, training and results. After reviewing various programs I selected HRSG. I went to Ottawa and met the entire company and was so impressed with the talent, the service and the quality of people that I met. Without any reservation I can highly recommend HRSG as the best choice for helping you with your competency program!”

– Keith Howes, Western Health Advantage

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