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Build the foundation to engage, develop and retain top quality employees.

CompetencyCore is the strategic talent management platform built to define your talent needs, address employee skill deficiencies and improve individual and organizational performance. Take a tour of the CompetencyCore experience below, and when you want to learn more, book a demo with one of our experts.

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Core Features

All Your Competencies. All Your Job Descriptions. All in One Place.

Build your talent management processes on a steady platform. CompetencyCore gives you the hub you need to put competencies at the core of your HR and talent management programs. Enhance your job descriptions with competencies, and turn them into useful communications tools to help candidates and employees understand job expectations. Plug-and-play with HRSG’s competencies and suggested competency profiles, or build your own.

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Interview Guide Builder


Interview Guide Builder

Ask the Right Questions. Hire the Right Candidates.

Talent acquisition used to take too much time, cost too much money, and be way too subjective. The Interview Guide Builder gives you the objective tools you need to make better decisions, faster. Easily build interview guides, map questions to competencies, and be certain that your new team members have the skills and knowledge to drive your company’s success.

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Assessment & Development

Find Strengths, Address Weaknesses, and Empower Your Employees’ Growth.

How is your team doing? Could they be doing better? How would you know? To get the full picture, you need some cold, hard data – you need CompetencyCore Assessment & Development. Diagnose skill gaps in your workforce. Motivate your best performers. Set development targets and goals, and suggest learning resources for further growth and improvement. Inspire your employees to reach their full potential.

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Testing Module



Coming Soon: Testing

Easily Screen, Objectively Measure.

Put the power in your hands to easily design, create, publish and administer tests in a scalable software solution. Screen large groups of candidates at once to objectively compare them, or ensure that they meet regulatory standards. Automatically assemble tests from pre-defined blueprints, or easily customize tests to meet your specific needs. Contact us today to find out about our beta program.

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Competency Profiling Survey Tool

The Best Way to Select Competencies for Your Organization.

Start your competency selection process off strong, in the most efficient way possible. Build your competency profiling survey with the included step-by-step wizard and dispatch it to key stakeholders. With their input, make the key decisions that guide the development and implementation of competencies across your organization – from core competencies to individual job descriptions. The Profiling Survey Tool makes competency selection an easier and more collaborative process than ever before.

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Why choose CompetencyCore?

  • A specialized solution designed for competencies
  • Simple, automated competency management
  • Automated job profile development process
  • Pre-loaded, best-in-class competency content
  • Direct access to expert competency consultants
  • Affordable, modular software options
  • One-on-one training and “train-the-trainer” training
  • Unlimited maintenance, upgrades, and technical support

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